Known in his native Australia for producing particularly up-tempo high energy dance tracks, Dino Jag has gone against type to release ‘Calling All The Saints’ – a song written to promote awareness of the dire situation in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. Within keeping with the serious nature of the song’s purpose, it is delivered with sobriety and delicacy but it’s not one of those songs designed to induce tears; it’s about bringing hope to the hopeless.

Stylistically, it’s what you would expect from a man immersed within a genre of synthesis. CATS is a very electronically formed piece with virtual instrumentality, tampered samples and sound FX substituting for the conventionality of a drum set. Imagine Dido’s earlier pop classics and you can gauge what you can look forward to with this one.

You’d probably expect more meaning full lyrics than “baby baby baby ooohhh” and you wouldn’t be wrong to. However, this song does have a familiar commercial outlook with its catchiness. The lyrics are a message; the message has to be as clear as possible because there is a definite drive to achieve something from this. Jag gets the message across in the purest manner and sounds great whilst doing it. I suppose his voice isn’t unlike a harmony between Adam Levine and Chris Martin which is a great thing in this context.