Paris Angels release the 'Distant Drum's' compilation in the memory of their drummer Simon Worrall, featuring Inspiral Carpets, Mark Burgess, Proud Mary, Mani and many more, Music News talks to Rikki Tuner and MC Tunes

Manchester's Paris Angels release the exciting line up of the 'Distant Drums' charity compilation album on the 4th of March in the memory of their late drummer Simon Worrall. Released on Stereokill records Distant Drums is an album featuring a selection of Si's friends like Mark Burgess with 'The Sun and the Moon', Eliza P,The Cornelius Crane, Proud Mary, Intastella, Tony Ogden (former world of twist) The Inspiral Carpets as well as The Clint Boon Experience, Motion Incorporated and of course Paris Angels themselves with unreleased gem from their 'long lost' album. Released on the 4th of March Distant Drums is a charity album with profits being donated the charity set up by one the drummers friends, fellow artist Clint Boon with 'Hectors Fund' which supports the baby unit at Manchester's St Mary's.

Distant Drums sees Paris Angels continue the tribute to their former band mate and friend. A tribute which goes back to last years Paris Angels reunion shows that were played in Si's memory, a triumphant return to the stage at Manchester's Ruby Lounge for the first time in over 20 years saw them go on to headline the 'Un-Peeled' Fest, and so now Paris Angles carry on the tribute with the release of Distant Drums. Featuring many of Si's musical friends contributing to the album its a compilation that really soaks up the rich mix in sound and style Manchester's music scene's much known and loved for, from the cities punk and house roots to its distinctive indie sound its all there among its bumper 37 track list.

Speaking to Paris Angels front man Rikki Turner explains how the album came together;

Rikki- "The album was put together by Phil James Manager of Paris Angels, whom was a good friend of Simon's. It was done with the consent of the family and the Angels, whom was a good friend of Simon's and everything was done with the consent of both the family and the Angels. We chose the track 'Sleeping with the Radio On' as it was from the long lost album (second album). Although the lyric content starts off bleak the song builds and has a happy conclusion."

on compiling the track-list...
"The bands and people involved with the album donated tracks that we thought Simon would have tapped his foot to. Some of the tracks for example like the 'Sun and the Moon' were especially re- recorded for the album. Other artists on the Distant Drums album include the late/great Tony Ogden of World of Twist, Cornelius Crane, Intastella and many more.

and with all profits going to Clint Boons charity 'Hectors Fund' the singer explained...
"I asked my manger Q to approach Clint Boon with the idea of the proceeds from the album going to 'Hectors Fund' having gone through similar circumstances with my own family. 'Hectors Fund' was set up to support St Mary’s hospital for babies that have died at birth or shortly after, Simon was a big man with a big heart and I know for sure this is something he would have wanted us to do."

and what its meant to the band in releasing the album
"Being involved with the Paris Angels has meant a lot to the entire band and those working with us. It has helped to heal old wounds and bring us closer together more than ever. 2013 hopefully will be a good year for Paris Angels and everybody who has been involved. I would just like to say Thank You to Alison Bell, Philip James, Steve Wilson, and Simon Collier for their hard endeavour"

Other stand out moments come from The Clint Boon Experience with the cinematic sound of 'Somewhere in Time' which finds the keyboardist in fine voice, as to is ex-Audioweb singer Martin Merchant with Supajamma singing the beautiful and soulful 'Rudi'. Thrush Puppies go all out with apocalyptic 'Tart/Bint', Weaveworld's 'Out and Down' and Laugh with 'Time to Lose it' both indie highlights and Motion Incorporated provide the sound of 'house' with 'Strawberry Sunshine'. The Inspiral Carpets, Plastic Gun Alliance, Andy Whitaker and Bong are just some more of the groups that make up a quality track-list.
Distant Drums also offers exclusive numbers like that of former 'World of Twists' Tony Ogden's with 'Girls in Colour' or a rather cool collaboration by three of Si's friends. 'Saturday Night' is a furious rap/rock cross-over which was produced by Intastella's Spencer Birtwistle featuring MC Tunes over the top and Stone Rose Mani providing an outrageously groovy bass line. Here MC Tunes (Nicky Lockett) speaks to Music-News on how all 3 came together for 'Saturday Night'.

MC Tunes- "Well from what I remember an our Mani had been DJ'ing in Sweden or Barcelona when Mani mentioned he had been working with Spen and wanted me to drop a lyric on a track they'd put together. So after we had spent a couple of days banging around the euro-zone and partaking in a few of the various herbalistic free bees that were being thrown at us I decided to write down a few ideas on the plane home. I remember having to use the easy jet sick bag as paper because there was fuck all to right on at that time, quite fitting for the style of raw rhymes that we ended up with. so as soon as we landed in Manchester and after a few cheeky beers we bopped over to Spen's house and dropped the rap on the track, short, sweet and a little ruff round the edges (a bit like my self}took no more than 20mins)..proper rock an roll. and that's all I heard about it until you got in touch about the album Phil and the Angels are putting together. Being friends with Spen/Mani and one of my best mates Paul Wagstaff {Wags} when I was asked if the track 'Saturday Night' could be included on the album i said "FUCK YEAH!!".and that's about the long an short of it."

There is also 4 Track Promo EP available on BandCamp

Clint Boon Experience ~ Somewhere In Time
Plastic Gun Alliance ~ Television
Paris Angels ~ Sleeping With The Radio On
Thrush Puppies ~ Tart/Bin

Track-list- Distant Drums:

Paris Angels ~ Sleeping With The Radio On
Plastic Gun Alliance ~ Television
The Sun and The Moon ~ Death Of Imagination
MC Tunes,Mani,Spen & Bunn - Saturday Night
Inspiral Carpets ~ You’re So Good For Me
Weaveworld ~ Out & Down
Music For Aborgines ~ Sitting On A Biscuit
Andy Whitaker ~ Stars
Intastella ~ I Believe In Changes
Tony Ogden ~ Girls In Colour
Super - I Went To The Mirror
Dub Sex - Swerve
Thrush Puppies ~ Tart/Bint
Bong ~ Sometime To Sometimes
Motion Incorporated ~ Strawberry Sunshine
Laugh ~ Time To Loose It
The Second Floor - Strange Blues
Best ~ Better Move On Over
Happier Than Us ~ Dreaming
Orange Skies ~ Strong As You
Eliza P ~ Hedge Witch
Supajamma ~ Rudi
Clint Boon Experience ~ Somewhere In Time
Bubblegum - Hoochy Coochy Girl
Loopzilla ~ True Colours (One For The Haç)
The Cornelius Crane ~ June Has Gone
Rod Smith ~ When i was young
Echo Devils ~ There Ain't No Sound In Space
Proud Mary ~ Give A Little Love
Spartak ~ Let's Go Get 'Em
Bad Man Wagon ~ Kill 'Em All
The Vincent Valmara Show ~ Murder In The Flat
Walton Hesse ~ Walt’s 15th Dream
Foilface ~ The Rolling
Martin Stephenson
Truant featuring Chris Jam ~ Howulikeme
Ed Banger And The NoseBleeds

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