In a world of new indie rock bands cropping up left, right and centre; with their crappy sound and Stratocaster bowl-cut feel; it’s good to have some relief and to hear an album that has been done right. That album is Pedestrian Verse by Scottish indie rockers Frightened Rabbit. Being around for nearly a decade they have released their fourth album forcing people to stand up and take notice of them.

Breaking the template of modern indie rock of driving guitar, some monotonous lyrics and no emotion whatsoever they bring this to the table. One word to describe this album is substance, innovative lyrics and overall ‘well-done’ feel this will please any indie rock fan craving for a new band to sink their teeth into, as well as their growing and committed fanbase.

From the typical driving guitar that has grown accustom to the minds of indie rock fans courtesy of tracks like The Woodpile and Holy. To breaking into new undiscovered sounds from the band with an airy, rootsy folk feeling to some tracks like Acts Of Man and Late March, Death March with essence of their Scottish background in the track Housing. This album explores all noises in the wide genre. They’ve brought back the dying art of good lyrics to ‘hide a cowards heart in a lions chest’ to name one, it’s like modern poetry!

This is a game-breaker in the current indie rock scene in the UK.

The Scottish 5 piece are touring the length and breadth of the UK this February.
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Pedestrian Verse is released online and in stores on 4th Febuary.