Now with their new album Opposites, Biffy Clyro seemed to have taken the next step despite glimpses of their past.

The 2 songs that are instantly recognisable are ‘Stingin Belle’ and ‘Black Chandalier’, which have both been released preceding the album. Stingin Belle includes the traditional Scottish bag pipes, showing how proud of their nation Biffy Clyro are! The track sounds like a victory song, with emotion, driven melodies and the occasional thrash of the guitar!

Black Chandelier in contrast is more modest and almost carrying on where they left off from Only Revolutions. A mellower sound and calmer vocals, Black Chandalier was chosen as the first single from Opposites.

Almost title song ‘Opposite’ and ‘Biblical’ are the 2 songs that really make this double album stand out. Opposite is filled with so much emotion; in contrast to the majority of the album is generally a slower song. With lyrics such as ‘Baby im leaving here, you need to be with somebody else’ and ‘Take care of the ones that you love’ show a far more passionate side to Biffy Clyro that has been locked away for the most part.

Biblical on the other hand is more suited to a live audience, with the anthem theme already destined to be a hit in the bigger arenas and stadiums. ‘You gave me magical, I gave you wonderful’ are just 2 of the lyrics that you can see the crowd taking over from lead singer Simon Neil! The song would be fitting for a runner completing the last 100 metres of a marathon because of the aura it gives off….

As a Biffy Clyro fan for many years, I have never been more impressed by any of their albums on a first listen then I have with their 6th effort. My love of this double album only grows every time I listen to it. Is it too early to suggest it being album of the year?