This four-piece from Copenhagen, Denmark have invoked the spirit of retro pop rock and sound like they’re giving a Danish spin to a classic genre that has played host to some of the most influential bands of the previous century.

Fronted by Rasmus Nielsen, the Jump Ship EP displays several dimensions: strong lead vocals akin to George Harrison, thought-provoking lyrics and powerful riffs that rattle your speakers – particularly on ‘Bad Diet’.

The tempo shifts from song to song; sometimes it’s the uplifting excitement of traditional rock ‘n’ roll titular introduction 'Jump Ship', next it’s the sombreness of a country and blues inspired ballad that jingles instead of jives - like the transparently named 'Country Song' or 'Winterworn'.

The Jump Ship EP gives some interesting insight into the lifestyle of the young Danish society that is portrayed as often melancholic, contemplative and intrinsically impacted by several cultures. Because of his unique mixture, the appeal of this EP stretches far and wide.