The Maccabees kicked off the evening a little after 8 with the title track of their 3rd album ‘Given to the Wild’. With the release of their 3rd album earlier this year, The Maccabees were still promoting despite this being there last show from an 18 month tour! The majority of their set included tracks from their 2nd (Wall of Arms) and 3rd album with lead singer Orlando Weeks performing brilliantly in tandem with the rest of the South London band. After a fairly decent set in length from the ‘support band’, The Maccabees finished off with ‘Pelican’, their debut single from their recent album. Pelican received the biggest cheer of the evening thus far before heading off and introducing the main act of the evening….

On their final performance in Europe, The Black Keys kicked off their set with ‘Howlin’, one of the singles from their 6th album (Brothers) to a rapturous ovation. After a combination of songs from various different albums, The Black Keys played their latest single ‘Little Black Submarines’ half way through the set. It was almost as if they played 2 songs with a long gap in between the introduction and the entrance of the guitar.

The highlight of the evening came when The Black Keys played their final song before the encore which is fan favourite and first single of their latest album (El Camino) ‘Lonely Boy’. The 20,000 capacity at the o2 erupted for 3 minutes before the duet took a few moments backstage before returning for their encore.

The songs played in their encore were Everlasting Light and I Got Mine. These were accompanied by a disco ball in which the strobe lights bounced off perfectly, to end what was the perfect concert....