As part of the Emerging Icons package I was rather concerned that Annaca’s subtle tones and cabaret stylings would be lost on the chatterers and partygoers at the Academy on Wednesday. Especially after the blast and bluster of opening act Tankus The Henge.

I shouldn’t have worried; the half of the crowd that cared about the music received her with real enthusiasm and, frankly, the rest of them can get stuffed – I really cannot understand why someone would pay to get in to a concrete box like the Academy2, queue for overpriced beer and shots and then ignore the band playing their asses of at the end of the room.

Annaca has obviously taken influences from Amy Winehouse but she is no AW clone. Her voice is rich and soulful and she really does make a visual statement without needing to take on the extreme look that Winehouse developed as a way to hide from her audience; Annaca seems to relish the spotlight.
She only played a short set but in tracks like ‘Haunted’ and ‘Fun’ I was able to hear a character coming through and when she sat down at the piano for ‘Suddenly’ the subtlety of her playing was clear too.

Her band was obviously talented – Harrison (guitar and hat) plays with a rocky style while Leo (Bass and keyboards) seems to be one of those multi-talented sidemen everyone would like in their band. The magnificently named Ben Bashi on drums is a lot more than your average tub thumper and together they are a fine backup for a really charismatic and original singer.

This lady will be one to watch.

Set List:
1. Haunted
2. Without Ya
3. Fun
4. Suddenly
5. I'm a Woman
6. Delilah
7. Roll Off
8. Bury Me