Devil Inside is the first single release from the brand new album, Rollin On Down The Lane (Beast Records), by Pete Ross & The Sapphire.

A while back, I reviewed Pete Ross’ album Midnight Show (also available via French label Beast Records) and readers may remember that in his native country, Ross is hailed as ‘the Australian Johnny Cash’.

So yeah dear readers, Pete Ross is from Australia, while his Sapphire (aka Susy Sapphire) hails from the neighbouring New Zealand. Alas, both are based in Milan, Italy, and have two Italians in their band. Don’t you just love how rock music has become truly cosmopolitan?

Well then, on to the song: it’s a brilliant piece by the ‘Aussie man in black’, indeed, even in looks Pete Ross resembles a captivating hybrid of Cash and actor Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Walk The Line’! Though it must be said this track is less country inspired, instead, there’s a slight (and obligatory) Nick Cave vibe ringing through. Above all, it’s dominated by an inspired retro goth-rock vibe. The overall composition sounds quite dramatic, just as you would expect a song with such title to sound! Dark, brooding, dangerous… it’s that whole outlaw thing, but don’t be fooled and do yourself a favour by watching the accompanying video on YouTube (

Directed by Viola Barbato, it was filmed in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, and a bizarre and derelict casino on a hill above Lake Como in Italy. Really (and here comes another hybrid), it’s a little masterpiece that fuses ghostly neo-gothic b/w with contemporary colour imagery.

Ross’ intense and smoky voice belts out “She’s the devil inside, she’ll make you unclean… she will enter your mind and reason will flee… nowhere to run, nowhere to hide…” while Susy Sapphire’s softer backing voice provides the perfect contrast. A snarling guitar and bass keeps the track on edge, and makes you crave for more. And more you can have on the actual album, to be reviewed on here soon.

Meanwhile, you can get Devil Inside as a free download on Bandcamp: