The Arc & Stones EP is very much a compilation of the band’s diversity to go from progressive, to blues, to rock ‘n’ roll, to something more edgy in the form of punk, in a few beats. With only five songs on the album, you’d think that it’s difficult to truly exhibit what you are capable of as an artist and instrumentalist, but the Brooklyn boys give a great account of themselves.

The songs are so energetic, that you wonder whether each was concocted with their national tour already in mind. They make no effort to hide the fact that their music is inspired by the tribulations of romance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t “rock balls” about it.

The song ‘Silence’ (ironically), for instance, is possibly one of their louder tracks about relationship struggles on the EP and is by far my favourite track. It’s a power ballad with impressive instrumentality and easy to understand lyrics about a man desperate to experience a return on the advances of his unrequited love. If this is what these lads call being “silent” about the situation, then I’m a French Poodle. They let their emotions rip through punchy chords and a marching beat.

There is something uniquely “Big City” about the young duo from Brooklyn; they dabble in anthems. These are Springsteen type songs created to uplift your spirits, even if the lyrical content doesn’t always inspire hope. Each song is led by strat guitars and the evident presence of pianos that make you imagine yourself immersed in the high-rise urban beauty of the Big Apple, sitting in the back of one of their iconic cabs with a set of huge headphones attached to your bonce.