Having toured extensively with one of the country's most underrated singers and writers, Tinlin have seemingly picked up some of Paul Carrack's skills for Shade of the Shadows. Their lengthy support slot with the Sheffield star has also helped to give the duo a bit of extra profile. The album looks to build on that and displays a promising maturing writing style.

Live the brothers Alex and Rolf Tinlin have previously sounded a bit limited, with slightly twee, well harmonised tunes sung over mandolin and guitar. Beefed up by Paul Carrack's son Jack on percussion, the live sound has developed recently and on the cracking In These Arms, there is evidence they are beginning to capture that on record too.

But that strong opening, is slightly let down by the delicate but one paced stories of lost or unrequited love that follow - with the likes of Steal, Play The Game and Find A Way all sharing the same mood and tempo. Everything is perfectly put together and well crafted, and the production from Nigel Bates (Radiohead, Elvis Costello, Peter Gabriel) is impressive, but not until Haunted's chillier tones is there an effective change of mood.

There is no appearance on the album for Make It Right, which was written by the band and recorded by Paul Carrack for his recent album Good Feeling. That is a shame as it would be interesting to hear how the brothers tackle it, as the song is the highlight of Carrack's latest collection. Tinlin are developing well, and the constant touring is obviously helping, but now they need to find that extra gear.