The Monks are described as an “Alternative Rock” band – possibly by their own admission – but the ‘Neurogenesis ‘ EP seems to be a massive step towards the commerciality of the Pop Rock genre. The four-piece band from the beautiful Australian city of Sydney are clearly determined to shift from out of the indie music shadow and earn some serious dollars by producing tunes that everybody can handle. To hell with exclusivity!

Those of you who are particularly fond of, say, the Chilli Peppers when they are not demanding that you ‘Give It Away’ or scream-enading ‘Dani California’, will undoubtedly draw comparisons to some of their more relaxed and metaphorical songs. Each track is very evocative and tuneful containing powerful guitar riffs, yet, the entire assemblage of instrumental influences doesn’t overawe the listener. The creation of this album shows that basic is best, stripping down the elements to provide simplicity and comfortable entertainment.

Word is out on the Monks – apparently, they are very close to making it huge as a household name worldwide…well, at least the hope is. I can’t say that ‘Neurogenesis’ is something that can be considered as inexorably innovative, but you can imagine a few of the tracks scoring a TV advert for a sexy product or two very soon. Let’s face it – that’s how every band is hitting the high time these days, isn’t it?