Conor Maynard kicked off a series of ‘BT Infinity Presents’ gigs on Tuesday night infront of an intimate audience of ecstatic competition winners.

“Live from the 34th Floor" was simultaneously streamed in HD to thousands of youtube watchers around the world.

The interactive gig also allowed his fans, lovingly know as 'Maniacs', to get involved by tweeting questions and voting for their favourite cover version to be performed which, much to Conor's satisfaction, turned out to be 'Diamonds' by Rhianna.

The pop sensation played a striped back acoustic set which included 'Vegas Girl' and new single 'Turn Around' featuring Ne-Yo. Prior to playing the track he answered a spoof call from Ne-Yo asking "where are you man, I'm about to play our single?". Rolling his eyes he continued "he hung up!"

Enjoying his last day as a teenager Conor urged the audience to celebrate his birthday with him.

In jovial mood Conor answered tweets and joked with the global audience before impressing with his vocal range by launching into first single 'Can't Say No' and album opener 'Animal'. was on hand to grab an exclusive interview prior to the event, check out the footage below.

Tulisa was also announced as the next act to perform live in HD on the ‘BT Infinity Presents’ interactive YouTube channel, on 10th December at 8pm. To watch the gig go to