This debut EP from Clara Bond is the culmination of several years work and experience in studios, gigging, and writing - including a song for the film The Mask of Sanity .The result is a showcase for Ms Bonds’s voice, talent as a singer/songwriter and arranger, and it’s a delight.

The opening deceptively simple good-time pop of Back to You, is well partnered with the more sombre, country tinged How Do You Do. How to Break a Heart has a harder edge to it, pacier and being awash with synths, a touch of the 80s about it, while the piano led elegance of Superman closes the EP in fine style.

The production is clean but not so buffed as to overwhelm the songs. What does let it down a bit are the harmonies which at times can grate, in particular on Superman. But that’s a minor gripe as overall this is a very good debut.