Nothing about Goyte’s gig tonight is ordinary, from the stage set up to the display of musical talent. The stage is a solar system of sample triggers strewn in all corners and Wouter "Wally" De Backer spends the show bouncing around hitting, tapping and plinking the various samples that make up his distinctive alternative rock. The superb drummer he is becomes apparent in the first song and even though he is hammering the skins his voice doesn’t falter from its impressive range.

Throughout the set a projector casts animation and images on the back wall, a favourite would be the cartoon organ taking over a family house in ‘State of the Art’, a funky and dark track using a vocoder to create some menacing vocals.

Midway through there were a few quieter tracks that show he can still create great songs that are stripped back. Like the fabulous ‘Bronte’, a touching song about a family putting their pet dog down, which combines ethereal harmonies with simple drums. Considering his excitement throughout the rest of the set he is able to perform the track with tenderness and keep the same fullness of his more layered songs.

When the time comes for the breakup song of 2012 to be performed, the audience notes Kimbra’s absence. Brilliantly, the audience is asked to join in to cover her second verse and chorus backing vocal part, it’s a warming moment. Not many performers would be able to get that level of audience participation without encouragement. In fact not many performers would be able to seamlessly navigate their way around the huge selection of sample triggers set up whilst still maintaining an engaging and humours dialogue with the audience.

The entire set is well choreographed around the huge selection of instruments and is extremely well executed. The transitions between songs are smooth and the band genuinely looks like they are having a great time. Goyte’s live show proves him to be a dynamic and enormously talented individual.