I’m not usually a fan of the genre – heartbreak rock – but these Canadians has a cannyu sense of pop and a great dance kick to this single.
Acres of Lions consist of Jeff Kalesnikoff, Tyson Yerex, Dan Ball and Shane Deyotte and the sound of this double ‘A’ sided single is pop, bordering on the edge of Snow Patrol (without the aching wistfulness thank god) or Jimmy Eat World and this kind of guitar led pop-rock gets my ass moving and my heart lifting. Tres good msieu.

Of the two songs ‘Reaction’ has the better beat – a very eighties bop groove and I loved the “bap bow bap bow” chorus – there is a little Cindi Lauper in there as well!
‘Set Me On Fire’ is more in the heartbreak side of life and they get a solid groove going with bog-standard keening vocals and jangling guitars.

They aren’t the best new band I’ve heard but they do make a rather fun noise and the album should be a cracker based on this form.