Vitalic brings electro synth and echoing vocals above extremely crunchy thumping beats, creating an amalgamation of 80's era excess and post-millennium desire for immediacy in getting to the heart of a matter. In the case of the album Rave Age, there's no build up, it's straight into the massive beats.

Pascal Arbez's fifth album is imminently danceable, but a required taste. There are no shortage of moves you could carry out to this collection of tracks, fourth track 'Vigipirate' in particular is nothing but ever-rising sequence of beats preparing an audience for the appearance of a major player in town.

The female vocals interspersed throughout would not be out of place on the soundtrack to Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive. The standout tracks are the more bombastic head-assaulting efforts, like 'No More Sleep', not interested in any allusions of serenading you, so much as they are interested in getting a crowd moving. Also worthy are the more irreverent tunes like the somewhat techno-vampiric 'The March of Skabah', and The Field-ish 'Lucky Star', more sounds like this would be welcome in the future.