This album is immediately right up the seedy back alley of any Led Zep or Sabbath afficianados who wished the respective bands would produce new material.

Vulture Kult have a Metal sound that begins and remains in the highest gear throughout with high-octane hand-tiring guitar riffs that relentlessly twang to the aggressive vocals of bandmates Hans Bielefeld and Bradley Friesen.

You’d be hard pressed to categorise ‘Don't Let Rock N' Roll Ruin Your Life’ as particularly modern or something completely fresh and new; it’s as much 70s Hard Rock as it is 60s Rock & Roll on steroids, but it’s still fun to listen to and will have your head ringing after all the circular head-banging you’ll get going.

It’s a short album with 9 songs that should take you just about half an hour of your day to complete – I think it was made this way with consideration to one’s health because this is pacey brawny record is definitely not for your Sunday chill out sessions, nor those who are faint at heart.

The only breath you’re allowed to take comes right at the end with an outro that is a calm atmospherically reverberated folky guitar solo entitled ‘Checking Out’. Vulture Kult bring you safely down from your high and, I’m sure, avoid countless ill-conceived adrenalin junkie decisions to because of it.