Taxman's new EP 'Cool It Judy' hits the streets on November 12th and is already getting heavy love from the likes of Grooverider, Heist and Jaguar Skillz. Music News dutifully filed its tax returns...

Music News: The new single has had amazing DJ reactions and getting a lot of club/radio support. Do you feel you write more commercially these days

Taxman: I wouldn't say commercial, but alot more varied. This single is more jump up than anything else though I suppose. It was meant to be part of my album but I hadn't had any music out for a while so....

Music News:How 'democratic' is the studio when you write with your brother (dnb artist Original Sin)? Is there anything you argue over?

Taxman: We do write good music together, but yes, we tend to disagree a lot. I like more space between notes where as he likes it to be alot more in your face. We actually just finished a draft of a new project we are working on and it brought it all back. He tries to turn some stuff down that I've added to the track, until its not noticeable anymore, or he disagrees with me wanting to add a certain element, and then I'll do it anyway and he's like "yeah that's good"...... He lacks faith in me sometimes, either that or he's just stubborn. But so am I!

Music News:We hear you love 80s music. Do you have a 'guilty pleasure' track?

Taxman: Yeah i love it, it was a great era for not only pop music but people trying totally new things, and it was all very synth orientated....
Guilty pleasures track? I was driving home from a show the other week and I turned on the radio and there was a well known dnb show on. My ears were ringing from the show I just played so I changed the station to radio2 and they had Know This by Spandau Ballet on. I left it playing. That's pretty bad isn't it.

Music News:What are your plans for NYE?

Taxman: I'm playing in Bournemouth (can't remember where, sorry) and Innovation in London!

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