Conor Maynard stepped onto the stage of the Shepherds Bush 02 in front of an over-excited capacity crowd of teenage girls, hardly the most difficult audience. But the 19-year-old Brighton boy delivered something different than your average pretty boy teen sensation.

A slick 4-piece band took the place of back up dancers. Interaction with the audience and musicians between songs replaced costume changes and the only prop in sight was a grand piano, which Conor used to personally serenade every single member of the 2,000 strong audience.

With a chart topping album and three top 10 hits behind him, the material was strong. Pounding onto the stage to the deafening screams of his devoted disciples and the filthy beats of “Animal” Maynarrd beamed, obviously delighted to be kicking off his biggest headline show to date.

The singles “Can’t Say No”, Vegas Girl” and “Turn Around” predictably drew the most excited reactions, but the track “Take Off” shows that Maynard and co-writer Pharrell Williams can produce material that could rescue the stumbling career of The Wanted.

Stripped down covers of “Starships” and “Diamond” proved he has the vocal chops to justify his position of teen sensation in waiting and has the ability to hold his audiences attention without smoke and mirrors.

Throughout the disappointingly short set, Maynard danced without inhibition and clearly enjoyed every moment he was on stage. A refreshingly un-choreographed show from a performer who deserves the chance the to realise his potential and make the transformation from teen dream to an artist with something to offer. More please.