The appropriately named Jim Jones has the aggressive pontifical wail of a man presiding over his own cult. Jones’ confidence on ‘It’s Gotta Be About Me’ shines emphatically through, personifying exactly what the song says on the tin.

His changes in timbre are mesmeric; his voice sweeps from dynamic highs to lows as the rock blues style arrangement accompanies his thoughts.

It’s Gotta Be About Me’ is the debut release from the band’s upcoming studio album ‘The Savage Heart’ – one of few they’ve produced since forming in 2007 – but it sounds like the first time they’ve graced an expensive professional booth, such is the enthusiasm by all involved.

The guitars twinge furiously throughout, marching to a basic drum rhythm, and the piano jigs almost insubordinately behind it every so often. Each element has character making for fun up-tempo listening.