“Ba Bada Ba Ba, Ba Bada Bada Ba” – the second album by The Brights leaps out of the speakers with full blooded and uplifting heart – ‘Full Colour Sound’ is right.

The sound is lively, driving pop with horns and harmonies and even opn a dark October night they seem to have the ability to lift the spirits and I found myself dancing around the room with utterly incongruous abandon. Ok, they ain’t exactly deep and heavy but sometimes you need some light and, well, Brights by name and Bright by nature (sorry).

I can only identify them with bands like Haircut 100 and Yazz - the good kind of eighties pop sound and tracks like ‘Don’t Look Back’ or the single, ‘Our Teenage Years’ just ring with harmonies and melody while the playing is excellent –Mark Hewton’s bass and Matt Humphries drums deliver a huge swing with delightful and light touch on guitar from James Prudence but it is the vocals of David Burgess and those sumptuous harmonies that really put this over.

2nd albums are notoriously difficult to get right – do you repeat a winning combination or go off into another direction? – but this is a delight in its own terms.