Haddow Fest is back!

Organised and run by Edinburgh based band 10.04s, Haddow Fest returns to the capital city, even bigger and better than last year. Held on 28th October, Haddow Fest is a full day live music event in various different venues throughout Edinburgh, and will see The Cribs, Kassidy and HADOUKEN perform.

If the big bands do nothing for you however, Haddow Fest is also the place to go to discover some of Scotland’s best new talent. Because there are numerous venues to choose from, there are plenty acts performing over the day to take your pick from. This is Music-News.com’s round up of the best bands to see, in no particular order…

The Cribs
Ok, so I wet your appetite there with the prospect of some unsigned bands stealing the limelight, but come on, it’s the Cribs! Following their most recent album In the Belly of the Brazen Bull released back in May, The Cribs are sure to put on more of a show than a gig. The Jarman brothers are set to earn their headlight slot and are a must see at this year’s Haddow Fest.

Kerrie Lynch
Kerrie was a massive hit last year in Liquid Rooms, and is set to return to Maggie’s Chambers this time for Haddow Fest. Kerrie’s big voice is matched by a passion for songwriting, and every live performance showcases her as more than just an acoustic artist. Teamed this year with a full band, Kerrie’s name will be the one you’ll remember long after the festival.

Anderson McGinty Webster Ward and Fisher
AMWWF are a band of multi-instrumentalists; watch them swap, change and introduce as many instruments as possible to their incredible set. Combining trumpet, double bass, many guitars and a gorgeous mix of vocals, AMWWF create the most pleasing sound and talented performance that you’ll see at this year’s festival.

The Ok Social Club
The OK Social Club are Edinburgh’s most renowned band for a reason: fast, furious and very, very cool, OKSC are a definite party band. The OK Social Club will have the whole audience involved, be it singing along or dancing like a lunatic at the front, the OKSC crowd is always a thrill to be a part of.

Haddow Fest would not be possible without the team effort the band put in to organising the festival, but let’s give this four-piece credit for the music where it is due. Not only have they put this mammoth event together, but they have been performing together for years, and know how to put on a really good show. The band will be playing in the spectacular HMV Picturehouse alongside the Cribs – don’t miss it.

Tickets available from Ripping Records, See Tickets, Tickets Scotland, and Gigantic, priced £18.50 - £22.50. See www.haddowfest.co.uk for more details.