Miniature Dinosaurs don’t need any more reviews; the sound of their new EP does all the necessary talking for them. ‘Turn It On’ is another magnificent release from the Scottish 4-piece, a collection of songs released on new label Integrity Records.

Most recent single ‘Lemonade’ begins the EP, instantly setting the genre as fun-pop. Quirky, loud and genuinely brilliant, Lemonade sums up everything this band is about. Straight away we can hear lead singer Barry MacLean’s distinctive vocals play their part in the EP, proving that his voice has the capability to make every song he lends it too, utterly amazing.

The Lemonade-aura continues through the EP, before hitting a surprisingly more serious track ‘Turn It On’. Not serious in content (notes of melodica and dramatic backing vocals are still present) but serious in quality. ‘Turn It On’ showcases the bands integrity in musicianship, a professional attitude to music that will attract bigger audiences, that they so rightly deserve.