Skip & Die are the South African and Dutch group, who are providing that much needed craze with ‘Love Jihad’ taken from their upcoming release ‘Riots In The Jungle.’

It is a political mash up of incredible sounds, controversial lyrics and with a title such as ‘Love Jihad’ it is the perfect hipster combination.
Perhaps the hipster bubble will burst with this outrageous track.

‘Love Jihad’ is the first release from this anticipated album; the first of hopefully many to come.
It is a breathe of fresh air, and a new buzz around the hipster scene.
‘Riots In The Jungle’ represents the bands experiences of their journey, through the heat, the dirt and the ten of thousands of insects, the dead and the buried, as well as love; it is exciting to hear something so different from ‘Love Jihad.’

As lead vocalist, Cata.Pirata provides a sense of realism and fun to the music scene, her lyrics are enticing, warm and provide a buzz that keeps you jumping around, until you’ve obviously had enough of cheap alcohol.
Perfect for a rave, if you’re into the skins type appeal or even those so-called ‘small parties’, Skip & Die are already keeping the party scene alive, and undoubtedly, ‘Love Jihad’ will become the next soundtrack to some sort of outwardly rave.

Tour Dates

THU 11 OCTOBER, Unknown venue - Paris, France
WED 17 OCTOBER, Paradiso Kleine Zaal - Amsterdam, Netherlands
FRI 2 NOVEMBER, Tivoli De Helling - Utrecht, Netherlands
SAT 3 NOVEMBER, Het Burgerweeshuis - Deventer, Netherlands
FRI 9 NOVEMBER, Vera - Groningen, Netherlands
FRI 16 NOVEMBER, R'dam Beats 2012 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
THU 22 NOVEMBER, Cargo - London, UK
SAT 24 NOVEMBER, Poppodium Underground - Lelystad, Netherlands
THU 6 DECEMBER – SUN 9 DECEMBER, Rencontres Trans Musicales de Rennes 2012 - Rennes, France
THU 13 DECEMBER, Berghain Kantine - Berlin, Germany
FRI 14 DECEMBER, Uebel & Gefährlich - Hamburg, Germany
SAT 15 DECEMBER, Cafe Muffathalle - Munich, Germany
SUN 16 DECEMBER, Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld - Cologne, Germany