How quick times passes! It wasn’t too long ago that I reviewed Taurus Trakker’s second album ‘Building Ten’, and now the West London duo delight again with a new EP, titled ‘A Rakket U Trust’.

Five new numbers of the finest gutter-blues-punk are testimony to the consistently rising star of Martin Muscatt (vox/guitars plus other toys) and Allison Phillips (drums). While Muscatt can show off with having Clash guitarist Mick Jones as his cousin, Taurus Trakker are no longer in need of such constant name dropping – their talent and music can stand their own ground. Indeed, theirs is a racket you can trust.

Some punky guitar chords on opening track ‘A Rakket…’ swiftly give way to an altogether more pop-orientated sound in the vein of The Kinks. In fact, during an interview Muscatt once mentioned that brothers Ray and Dave are strong musical influences. It’s a real catchy number with a harmonious solo, otherwise it’s simplicity that’s the key. The vocals though are delivered almost too nicely considering the lyrics: “People talking to ya / but they’re looking through ya / people people come on with us / we make a racket you trust…”

The mood switches to spunkier again with ‘Wild Woman In A Small Town’, kicking off with the hilarious (and probably true in many cases) lyrics “She used to be a punk but now she’s a tranquilizer mum…” There’s feminist bite ringing through, with Phillips sharing backing vox duties and Muscatt’s vocal shudder-spiel seemingly paying homage to Lux Interior.

The slightly bluesy ‘Long Gone’ creeps in slick and sly, with piling on harmony-laden goodies and riffs as the song goes on. However, it is former X-Ray Spex David Wright’s super tenor sax play that steers the number to its climax.

Unfortunately, ‘Nothing But Fire’ doesn’t set anything on fire as far as I’m concerned, though it’s not exactly a snoozer either. The recurring line “He was born with the blues” (blues from London town) indicates perhaps best the vibe of the song. So well, it’s a very, em, blues-heavy number with some added harmonica and witty, in-your-face lyrics. Oh, and some cool female backing vocals.

Taurus Trakker certainly aren’t casting aspersions on the species called bouncers with final number ‘Security’. It’s a sonic blast and a verbal assault that reminds me of a run-in with a moron of a doorman at the Notting Hill Arts Club. The song brings TT back to what they do best: infuse their punk-laden sound with a heavy dose of r&b and funk – here emphasized through guest singer Krysten Cummings’ colossal vocal power – while relentless drums and guitar ensure that the necessary kick is maintained throughout. Great – groove is in the heart!

Catch TT live on stage by visiting their website but make sure no bouncer turns you away from a venue… Then again, it’s unlikely that Taurus Trakker would rock those places anyway.