Marc JB is one half of remix duo Bimbo Jones - collectively they have clocked up a whopping 77 number one remixes including Pussycat Dolls and Kylie - and also a producer/DJ in his own right. He now adds 'Record Label A&R' to his CV and took time out to tell Music News all about this new venture.

Music News: What’s the story behind the label?

Marc JB: The label is called Soul Delux, which I am the head of A&R; it’s based on Hed Kandi, amongst other dance labels and the music ranges from electro, house and twisted disco.

There is a funk element behind the label, but also a chill out too. I think you need to combine both to create a truly great label.

Creating this label has been a great avenue for meeting brilliant musicians, producers and raw talent. At the moment with the state the music business is in, there is little room for new, unknown artists to shine and I think this label is a great outlet and provides a vehicle to showcase new talent.

Music News:Tell us a bit about the new releases:

Marc JB: My favourite one is the collaboration with Inaya Day (Every Breath). It actually came about via Twitter. I tweeted something about the label and she sent us a Tweet saying hi and that she would really like to work with us. She then sent back a video of herself a recorded a tune. It was a very fast turn around and there we have it.

I’m also working with Simon Bartholomew from the Brand New Heavies, Beverley Knight and Andy Abraham from the X-Factor – he has amazing vocals and is the nicest guy I have met in the business.

Music News: You’re teaching people to remix at the Amsterdam Dance Conference – do you think anyone can be a remixer?

Marc JB: There are different types of remixes, so it depends what type you want to do. I think the best remixers tend to come from a classical background, where they understand instruments and music technically. I also think they need to be good at listening out for beats and bass in samples – so contemporary dance music. If you can apply both knowledge together then you are on to a winner. I think this is why Bimbo Jones is so successful – we have the best of both worlds, we are the perfect balance.

Music News: What has your greatest industry achievement been?

Marc JB: This is a little bit weird, but sitting in a kitchen eating curry with Cyndi Lauper. We were in Miami with Lee Dagger and we got talking to a drive time radio DJ out there who knew Cyndi’s manager. She then came to London to work with us. She even gave us a masterclass in writing lyrics. She is technically amazing. Not many people know that she knows everything about music – she is truly incredible and to be honest you can’t get much better than that.

Music News: Are you DJing at the moment?

Marc JB: I might do a couple of gigs at Mews of Mayfair but I am not promising anything. I am doing a few private gigs but I can’t tell you whom they are for. I actually did a gig and Prince Harry was there the other week – that was exciting. And no, I was not the one DJing at the infamous party in Las Vegas!

Music News: What is the best thing about your job?

Marc JB: This is going to sounds strange, but being my own boss and being able to have a cup of coffee in the garden at nine in the morning and not have to answer to anyone. There is always a deadline I have to meet, but as long as I can chill for ten mins in my garden I feel pretty good about life.

Find out more about the label at and follow Marc on Twitter @MarcJB