His band were always influenced by the electronic sounds of the late 80s and early 90s when rave culture pretty much had its hands in every musical cookie jar. White is a detachment from that with its more generic Britpop sensibility. This was probably Burgess’ way of distinguishing himself from the band somewhat.

Besides a relatively lowkey Wurlitzer style synthesis during the choruses, the song feels almost entirely unplugged which may seem a little weird at first to a Charlatans fan but is still a fascinating changeup.

Forget about those typical Madchester vocal inflections of yesteryear from Burgess. This single is purely about his natural singing ability and lyrical flair

Ultimately, White is the kind of song you’d here seeping melodiously from the ceiling speakers of a swanky upmarket lounge rather than a dark arena filled with strobe technics and hopped-up head bangers. I suggest you take off your warn out Charlatans tour Ts, throw on a trilby and just enjoy it.