Dubstep/DnB artist Adam Tindill is also known as Original Sin and he releases a new EP called 'Mad World' on the RealPlayaz label (home of DJ Hype) on Oct 29th.
He took time out from his video shoot to chat to Music News.

Music News: Hi Adam, how was your tour of Canada earlier this year? And what else have you been up to?

Original Sin: I'm in and out of Canada and the uk every month, I toured the west of Canada early this year; my favourite place for vibes and the fact that it looked like a Christmas card was a town called Kelowna...

Music News: You've included a version of 'Therapy', the stand out track on your 'Grow Your Wings' album on this forthcoming 'Mad World' EP - tell us about that?

Original Sin: Well I would call it a remix and it's harder and louder than the original, I guess I made the original so long ago I felt I had something to add to it now.

Music News: What's the story behind the video you're shooting for 'Therapy'?

Original Sin: My initial idea was to base it on the Total Recall script, we gave that to the director and he has morphed into his own idea which is really cool..We're focusing around the memory implant scene, there is a vocal sample in 'Therapy' which is where the track gets its name ' you can be whatever you wanna be, in your mind' . We only just shot the vid so were still waiting to see the results...

Music News: Will you be gigging to promote this EP?

Original Sin: Of course, (laughs) I'm always gigging, it's what pays the bills after all...

Music News:Tell us what other tunes are doing it for you at the moment?

Original Sin: My EP and anything on a dance floor tip by the Playaz camp.

Find out more at www.realplayaz.co.uk