Mojo Zone – The Blues Guitar of Enrico Crivellaro

Blues guitarist Enrico Crivello has turned in a fine set of blues guitar instrumental originals and covers with his latest release. Over the eleven tracks that make up ‘Mojo-Zone’ he covers Kenny Burrell, Earl Hooker, and Mel London, as well as putting in a testimony to his own talents.

Although the influence of such players as Freddie King and Stevie Ray Vaughan are noticeable, in such tracks as the opener ‘Say No More’ or ‘Sweet and Skanky’ with its rock’n’roll back beat, he brings a lot of his own personality to proceedings. A tight rhythm section of Simone Serafini on bass and drummer Silvio Berger provide tight backing, whilst Pietro Toucher adds jazzy piano and a number of Hammond Organ solos to the album, and stops it being a pure guitar showcase.

A few slow burning minor key pieces, such as the touching ‘Last Night in Atlana’ and ‘Blues for Larry Johnson’ show a more sensitive side, whilst Burrel’s ‘Midnight Blue’ is a showcase of Hammond Organ and slippery, expensive sounding chords. The album closer, ‘Dano-mite’ is a Crivello original and shows the fun to be had with a baritone guitar. If you like your guitar playing to be singing and swinging, this album is well worth further investigation.