Led by Ol Beach, the son of Queen manager Jim Beach, Yellowire are a new hope for British pop/rock, after the most recent short-lived success of bands like The Hoosiers or Scouting For Girls. More like the latter in sound, this latest single is all pounding pianos and catchy hooks – and very American sounding.

In fact is the sort of music that Americans always seem to do much better and it is refreshing to hear so much confidence in Beach’s song-writing and sound. His former band Wire Daisies warranted more attention and All Said & Done (already played by Radio 2) should go some way to make up for that.

It is unclear whether the time is right for this type of music – after all female vocalists still dominate, while American R&B fills the playlists of pop stations. Having said that Gotye have proved a great song can still make it through. All Said & Done is not in the same league but amongst everything else it sounds fresh and fun.