Music News met rapper Ikes recently in East London to find out more about the hip-hop artist who is making waves in the underground scene.

Ikes' main love is definitely music but at the age of 26 he also has a degree in Mathematics under his belt, something he says he can apply to his music when formulating a hit track! Speaking eloquently about his influences which span across many different music genres, he tells us he wants to create his 'own lane' in the urban scene.

His new track 'The Game's Back' featuring J. Warner has already received praise from BBC 1xtra, MTV and many others, and the video's slick visuals add to the track's worth.

I left the interview feeling glad to have met him as he expresses himself perfectly and has real passion for what he does. Ikes is definitely someone who deserves his 'own lane' and he told us he won't stop till he gets it!