As the montage of clips from Pink Floyd’s prestigious career reminded the audience inside the Philharmonic Hall of what they were missing from the iconic British band’s lack of time out on the road in recent years, the members of Brit Floyd made their way out onto the stage and proceeded to give the crowd a master class lesson in music appreciation.

Every audience that turns up for a gig at the famous Liverpool venue is one that is considered be discerning and not given to spontaneity unless it’s truly and utterly deserved. To witness this particular crowd giving moments of standing ovation as if the original Cambridge Progressive Rock masters were on stage was not only heart-warming but vindication on Brit Floyd’s incredible appeal.

The band, led by Damian Darlington and Ian Cattell on vocals and guitars, were in fine form as the group went back and forth through some of Pink Floyd’s most well-known and much loved songs. Kicking off the night with the stirring Shine On You Crazy Diamond from Wish You Were Here, the musicians and backing singers on stage gave the kind of performance that goes above and beyond a spectacle and becomes a night of passion, a musical dalliance which leads into a heart-felt affair. To try and please an audience which is packed to the rafters with fans of a particular group is hard work. Every note has to be spot on, every chord meticulous and every facet of the performance incredible for even the hardiest cynical lover of the band to smile and nod in approval. Brit Floyd certainly did that.

The band split the show into two parts, with the first half of the show containing songs such as Learning To Fly, See Emily Play, Money, the haunting High Hopes and Pigs. The second half of the night was rammed full of classics; the sublime Echoes filled up the senses and was followed by Time, the excellent Great Gig In The Sky and the amazing Wish You Were Here.

It had already been noted at the start of the evening that the band have played in Liverpool a few times since their formation and with good reason it seems, it takes a lot to impress a Liverpool audience but when they treat you like one of their own, the best thing you can do is make sure they keep loving you. Brit Floyd never looks in any danger of losing that precious commodity.

The last part of this stunning evening was given over to side three of possibly Pink Floyd’s best album, the multi- million selling record The Wall. Songs and memories from 33 years ago filled the Philharmonic Hall with tracks such as Hey You, Vera and Comfortably Numb being greeted like long lost friends.

If you are going to recreate the magic of one of the best bands in the world, it’s advisable to do it well, Brit Floyd do it as near as is feasibly possible to the real thing.

An amazing night of music that was enjoyed by all!

Ian D. Hall -