To mark their return, Kele Okereke and co kicked off the show with 2 brand new tracks from their up and coming new album ‘Four’. Four, being Bloc Party’s 4th album, will be released in late August.

After a brief taste of the new album, Okereke gave the crowd a few kind words before KOKO exploded to the sound of ‘Mercury’. The energy on stage was second to none throughout the evening, with Bloc Party and the fans alike, almost bringing the north London venue to nothing more than dust and rubble.

The set was filled with a variety of songs from Four, which subdued the crowd slightly in comparison to the more well known tracks. This was a welcome breather for most of the audience but is nothing short of what is expected at a Bloc Party gig. With a very loyal audience in attendance, it wouldn’t be right if Bloc Party performed without playing fan favourites such as ‘Helicopter’, ‘Banquet’ and ‘The Prayer’. All popular songs from their first 2 albums.

Gordon Moakes (bassist) birthday was certainly one to remember on Bloc Party’s return to London after a 3 year absence. it was made even more memorable by the crowd and Kele singing happy birthday to him in tandem.

The highlight of the evening came just after the 1st encore in which Bloc Party surprised the crowd with a brief cover of Rihanna’s ‘We found love’. This was very well received by all in attendance , especially when half way through, Bloc Party began playing their dance floor filler ‘Flux’. Flux encouraged some modest crowd surfing and moshing in what the audience thought would be the final song of a most memorable night. They were wrong!

After disappearing back stage for a second time, Bloc Party succomed to the crowds demand and played one more song. They chose wisely with the first song off Silent Alarm, ‘Like Eating Glass’. For one final time, the fans gave it their all to wrap up the hour and half show....