Who would have thought it would be possible to record an album within a month these days. West Coast married duo, Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis of Peaking Lights did exactly that. At some point either before, during or after, though going by the tracks and the emotions being expressed I would say after, Indra gave birth to their baby boy, Mikko. The new bundle of joy is credited as being ‘A guiding light muse for the album’. The songs featured on ‘Lucifer’ resonant feelings and emotions of just how Mikko seems to have changed their lives completely. But don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to have experienced such a life-changing event yourself. These songs truly are beautiful with or without babies involved. They stir up passion and affection and are the perfect backdrop to your summer, come rain or shine.

‘Moonrise’ welcomes and lets you begin the journey by taking you on a Chinese wood chime tidal wave. As the intro cascades you into ‘Beautiful Son’ there can be no doubt, surely, that this is all about the new addition to the family. Indra’s lyrics are not totally audible due to echoy sounds that surround her voice, but perhaps this is how they imagined Mikko to first hear their voices? Going into ‘Live Love’ more Chinese inspired chimes can be heard against the light tinkering of a keyboard. ‘Cosmic Tides’ brings in the deep bass beat infused with a chilled-out funky old style reggae beat which you can’t help but nod your head to as the song totally encapsulates you into their family bubble. The reggae beat continues in ‘LO HI’ alongside the repetitive beats of Coyes synth-pop loops. How many of you can say you featured on an album when you were a mere whippersnapper? Mikko certainly can as his gurgles and garbles make their debut. Why ‘Lucifer’ you’re perhaps thinking? Nothing to do with the man downstairs, but instead they chose it because it means ‘Venus, bearer of light’, and is the first sign of the sunrise. Giving a hint to when Mikko was born perhaps? Or just evidence that he is the sunshine in Peaking Lights’ life?

There’s no surprises in ‘Lucifer’ for this third album, okay, maybe Mikko, but what you can be guaranteed is a wonderful summer listen that will be the perfect back-drop to any ice-lolly, beer, cocktail summer afternoon. Push play and let yourself be set adrift.