Signing off a short UK tour, and three days after the launch of their third studio album; The Plot Against Common Sense, Future of the Left once again prove that they are able to provide a welcome fresh take on the British live band scene.

Opening act, post-hardcore four piece Science Bastard, set the tone for the evening, injecting a fast-paced aggressive blend of vaguely constructed chaos into the somewhat unsuspecting crowd, and creating the lively atmosphere which thrived throughout the night. Female dominated art-punk outfit Fever Fever quickly followed suit, demonstrating their lively, impressive riffs and rather infectious lyrics.

Despite the line-up changes over the recent years, Future of the Left always seem to slot together perfectly, and unsurprisingly, tonight they sounded as raw and focused as ever as they hurled themselves into an anticipated frenzied performance.

Featuring a blend of both old and new material alike, the setlist contained older songs such as Manchasm, and even Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues and To Hell With Good Intentions from frontman Falco’s earlier Mclusky days. Songs from the new album including: Failed Olympic Bid, Polymers Are Forever and Beneath the Waves an Ocean, were also played and excitedly received by the audience whose energetic shenanigans created a highly entertaining atmosphere.

Falco remained as outspoken as usual throughout the performance, with his trademark rants, and unique blend of captivating sarcasm; which seemingly only he is able to get away with. Chiming in with comments such as “Spare a moment for those down the front getting crushed against the barrier, It’s a Thursday night in Shoreditch; Let’s face it there are more romantic ways to die.”

Showcasing a spectacular array of raucous ranting and articulate song writing, combined with aggressive synths and even the occasional indie interlude, Future of the Left not only demonstrate their ability to create unique, fresh material; but also inflict all round entertainment during live performances, rendering themselves absolutely fundamental for fans to experience live.