There is a lot wrong with the Blues scene at the moment and just as much wrong with the indie rock scene - they have both sunk into predictability and blandness.
So here is the Little Devils who have taken elements of Blues, Progressive rock and Euro-rock and made an album that really does bear repeated listening.

Vocalist Yoka is Dutch and boasts a slightly accented voice that adds a touch of 'otherworldliness' to their sound, not that they needed it: they have more variances and more originality than 99% of bands on the scene today. The sax backing up Yoka's voice is perfect, adding gravel and depth to their sound. 'Party At The End Of Times' burns with menace while swinging away - "It's the party at the end of time and no-one will be saved" while the sax and guitar give the party a jazzy lick.

'Black diamond' gets even darker with a cello and that sax over a funereal beat, flute twittering in the back and Yoka's ice-cold voice is telling the story of the Easington coal mine disaster of 1951 where 83 lost their lives and the writers grandfather was the only one to get out alive.
It isn't all doom and blackness - 'Chinese Whispers' is lively and a terrific Blues and '21st Century Blues' has a tongue deep in cheek and great playing.
'Head In The Clouds' is a classic '70's feel and blasts along but my favourite is the least likely song of the lot - 'Soho By Night' is a story of Soho and the streets and bars and whores of the funkiest part of London - vocal puts me in mind of Andy Sharrocks but it is a track that I could listen to time and again.

There is a buzz about Little Devils. Quite understandable as they are superb musicians and their sound is completely unlike anyone else around at the moment.
Now all I need is to see them live ....