Two years after Rebecca and Megan Lovell formed Larkin Poe on the back of the disbandment of The Lovell Sisters, the pair are back with another impressive set of songs that move them even further from their bluegrass roots. This is a seven track CD, which comes with a 16 track DVD, including two promotional videos and a concert recorded in Norway in October 2011.

Essentially an EP then, these new songs from Larkin Poe continue a prolific 24 months, where 5 EPs have been issued. Thick As Thieves was recorded while the girls toured Europe and North America, and you might therefore expect a drop off in quality. Instead, it is the opposite. This is largely a step up and if Larkin Poe continue like this they will soon be touring more and at bigger venues.

While opening Fox and On The Fritz are firmly in the country/bluegrass territory expected, there are far more genres and styles covered than you expect. Take for example the seductive Russian Roulette (“It’s a high stakes mistake when a heart breaks”), which crosses Bonnie Raitt with 70s era Fleetwood Mac and the more bolshy Celebrate, with its rockier guitar backing and excellent percussion from Marlon Patton and Chad Melton.

At just under 25 minutes there should not be any waste, and the sisters hardly put a foot wrong. There is the instant Play On’s blues guitar and references to “feeding coins into the old jukebox” which has proved a minor You Tube hit, while Make It Hurt’s carefully crafted guitar licks are a delightful treat.

The accompanying concert DVD sees them perform in an intimate venue with an audience of just 36 people, as they perform in medieval clothing. It is all rather quaint but classy. Two words that country should be more often.