Since her 2006 breakthrough hit I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker, Thom's musical journey has been an interesting, yet largely ignored one. After that initial surge of interest in Thom as an internet sensation and 'star out of nothing', the media moved on quickly – just as they will from the likes of Ed Sheeran and Lana Del Ray.

Since that early hit, Thom’s voice has matured and gathered more soul, while her music has become more blues influenced (perhaps due to her relationship with guitarist Joe Bonamassa). Ahead of her fourth album, this is a driving preview single with a sumptuous opening 30 seconds, as Thom sings over a pounding piano and addictive guitar. Recorded in Nashville, there is a distinct aroma of well produced country.

Lyrically, the chorus is the weakness, with its barrage of cliché driven references to staying with someone "til the end of time" and rhyming "ocean's apart" with heart. But it is certainly catchy and a radio hit in waiting undoubtedly.

As the song moves through the gears Thom sings "I will never let you be alone" with an edge that adds to the emotion of a sublime piece of country-rock. All this augurs well for August's Flesh and Blood album, which has been overseen by the Black Crowes' Rich Robinson.