The spirit of Marc Bolan is well and truly kept alive with this fascinating and insightful book written by Danielz – frontman of T.Rextasy, the world’s only official tribute to Bolan and T.Rex.

Over an impressive 240+ pages that not only contain text but an array of b/w photos taken from Danielz’ and partner Caron’s private collection, we come to learn how the man born John Willans turned from football-obsessed youngster into a Marc Bolan obsessed fan – resulting in his own tribute band T.Rextasy many years later.

With his dad employed by the army, the Willans family moved about the globe a fair bit to say the least. However, it was while staying in Münster, Germany, that a teenage John heard a song on some English-speaking channel that was to change his life forever. The song was ‘Jeepster’ by T.Rex. Henceforth (and several visits to various rock concerts later), John was hooked to the point where his love for football gradually gave way to his love for rock n roll. The fact that his parents presented him with a bright red Framus electric guitar no doubt contributed to his decision of becoming a wannabe rock star.

But it was to be a long road, not to mention learning curve, before John Willans became Danielz and before – after striving to make it with his own material - he finally found much deserved success as the man dedicated to keep the star of Marc Bolan shining bright and brighter still. Of course, bearing an uncannily resemblance to the bobbin’ elf (Danielz even is the same height!) has helped to perfect the illusion.

While there is much to saviour for any T.Rex (and of course T.Rextasy!) fan in the book, it also provides an irresistible read for simply any rock n roll fan out there. Danielz’ exploits and the people he met along the way will astonish the readers as well as amuse them. From T.Rextasy’s support slot for hellraisers King Kurt at the London Astoria, where fans outside went wild and pelted passers-by with raw meat, eggs and flour, to a memorable encounter that saw Wizard’s Roy Wood prancing about stark naked in the dressing room – the anecdotes alone are worth every penny!

As T.Rextasy grew and grew, we read about all the luminaries delighted to have shared the stage, a bill, or simply a mutual passion for Bolan with Danielz: Ian Hunter, Marc Almond, Suzie Quatro, Alvin Stardust, Blondie drummer Clem Burke, Japanese superstar Hotei, Morrissey, Nikki Sudden, Mickey Finn and various other original T.Rexlers, Tony Visconti, Slade, Captain Sensible, Bob Harris, Gloria Jones, David Bowie, the list goes on and on. Equally entertaining are stories of all the various TV-shows and special events the band were invited to, including playing at the movie premiere after-party for ‘Billy Elliott’. We also find out that actress Kathy Burke seems to object to concerning remarks about having gulped back one too many. Hilarious. Another truly strange moment in the professional life of Danielz occurred when he got invited by Birmingham City Council to attend the opening of the UK’s largest ever dinosaur exhibition at the Birmingham Museum. I don’t have to point out which giant model it was that Danielz was asked to stand next to!

The book – with forewords by Tony Visconti, Rolan Bolan and Marc Almond - furthermore contains a Brief Guide To ‘Tribute’ as well as a Discography (both pre-T.Rextasy and T.Rextasy releases), plus the printed lyric of the one song Danielz’ penned with his hero in mind: ‘A Dream That Lasts Forever’.

It’s nice to know that since, this dream has become reality for Danielz and T.Rextasy, and long may it continue. Rock on!

T. Rextasy – The Spirit Of Marc Bolan can be obtained via usual sites like Amazon, and directly via Wymer Publishing ( While we’re at it, you should also check out all the other awesome, music-related titles of this particular publishing house.