Taurus Trakker’s new album Building Ten fuses awe-inspiring blues punk-rock with organic dynamics. If straight from the guts music is your thing, then look no further!

Fronted by Martin Muscatt (who’s a younger cousin of The Clash’ Mick Jones) and Allison Phillips, the energetic twosome trumped up ten new songs that pay homage to the roots of rock n roll rock without ever sounding oh so yesteryear.

With the help of former X-Ray Spex member David Wright on ’21 Miles To The Water Pump’, and a guest appearance by Mick Jones on the title track, some kudos is certainly added but not actually needed, as Muscatt and Phillips are able to stand their own ground.

Opener ‘Lucky’ is a musical hardcore take on the Notting Hill Carnival, while on the aforementioned ’21 Miles To The Water Pump’ David’s jazzy tenor sax almost dominates, while solid guitar riffs give the track a 70’s Mott The Hoople feel. Great!

‘Bag For Life’ blends some choppy White Stripes-style rhythm with Beastie Boys-style hollering. Uncompromising and reckless in sound, this is Muscatt at his fiercest best.

My fave track on the album is ‘West London Rock N Roll’ (Taurus Trakker love to sing about their local stomping ground West London!). Muscatt’s guitar work here is particularly excellent, with a touch of very cool Stones vibe, while Krysten Cumming’s backing vocals and Jason Emberton’s piano play add the finishing touch.

There’s certainly a Clash influence on ‘Building Ten’ and not just because Mr. Jones himself throws in a guest appearance, this one’s a total stomper.
‘Gamblin Blues’ pretty much hints at how the track sounds… Yep, it’s wonderfully sly bluesy and Hendrix style rock bluesy all at once and for that credit must go to Peter McDonald’s contribution on slide guitar.

Finally, ‘Push And Pull’ has a melodious pop sensibility to it that gradually cranks it up on the riff work, while ‘Temporary’ strives on Phillips’ skilled drumming and Muscatt’s witty lyrics about a visit to a tattoo parlour.

There’s no way you can sit still while listing to this album and really, don’t even attempt it. Just go with the punk beat and the groove, and let Taurus Trakker do the rest!