The sample from Mickey & Sylvia’s single, “Love is Strange,” where these two harmonize the line, “Oh baby, you’re the one," as well as the twang-y, surf-y electric guitar sample on the track, is the saving grace to Pitbull’s “Back in Time,” the first single from the Men In Black 3 soundtrack. When these drop-ins appear on the track, they make the listener want to go back to the original. (This reviewer dug back for the original track, with no regrets).

Mickey & Sylvia sound so good, possibly, because Pitbull is such an average – at best -- rapper. Sure, he knows how to lay down rapid word phrases. However, when you dissect what he’s actually saying, it’s a whole lot of meaninglessness. It is, in fact, a bunch of sound and fury, signifying nothing. He talks a little bit about making a lot of money out of a little, as well as giving props to the Men in Black crew. Other than that, there’s very little going on here.