Multi-skilled Robin George and flame-haired Vix (of Fuzzbox fame) showcase their joint skills on this album, recorded in various locations and over a period of almost two decades – resulting in YOU.

When Robin George, one of Britain’s most gifted guitarists and prolific songwriters was working in the studio with his then band Notorious, in the room next to him were all-girls band Fuzzbox recording their own material. That’s how he got to know their sassy lead singer Victoria Perks, better known as Vix. In 1990, he teamed up with Vix for this album, on which two numbers are included that are in fact re-workings of two Fuzzbox songs, namely ‘Your Loss, My Gain’ and title track ‘You’. The tracks already featured on the 2011-released Robin George album ‘Love, Power, Peace’.
The 1990 recording sessions took place at Dangerous Music Studios in Shropshire, and the 2008 sessions took place in Malaga, Spain. Furthermore, two live tracks have also been included; these are from the NIA, Birmingham in 1995 with their band The Promise.

Opening tracks ‘You’ makes for a perfect starter and ‘Your Loss, My Gain’ sounds interesting in this re-worked version, courtesy of Robin’s guitar take on it. Still, I prefer the infectious rhythm- and bubble-gum pop-rock vibe of the original version.
‘Rock And The Hard Place’ is a brilliant example of Vix sultry voice set against Robin’s edgier guitar solos, resulting in a very balanced sounding power ballad.
In a similar vein but more restraint lies ‘Little Sister’, a track full of harmony and melody – Vix can carry this one alone but the combined voices of her musical partner add frisson.

Things start rocking faster on ‘Shall I Lie’, while the strongly flamenco-hued ‘Seduction Song’ is a great idea and the lyrics are indeed rather seductive: “I can resist anything but temptation like this / When we kiss my heart sings the seduction song”. I’m just not sure about using English language on an otherwise very Spanish sounding composition; the fieriness of the stomping flamenco beat somehow loses impact.
‘I Want’ is one of those rock songs that are perfect to sing along to, then breaks into a blazing guitar solo before sliding back again into catchy rhythm territory.

Wonderfully moody and on slow-step speed is “Take Away My Pain”, this one sure is for all you romantics out there. ‘Bluesong’ might just another bluesong about love and life, but it’s a great one at that!

Standout track of the album – in my humble opinion – is the live rendition ‘Cry Wolf’, a slow-burning, acoustic guitar affair during which Vix and Robin take turns on vocal duties. Beautiful and atmospheric, you can’t help falling in love with this one.

Connoisseurs of slick and harmonious arrangements, as well as lovers of impressive vocal team works will agree there’s plenty to like about on ‘YOU’.