Oh the eighties has a lot to answer for. Margaret Thatcher, outrageous hairdos, extravagant videos, fingerless gloves and Rick Astley. But recently the decade of decadence has also seen endless bands and singers plunge its depths for musical influence. Some like Hurts, go for the obvious pop gloss influence, some are more subtle, like The Killers, who cleverly disguised their love of the likes of Duran Duran.

Displaying a disliking for the letter G and a love of apostrophes, Still Flyin’, who hail from San Francisco, also wear their influences far more obviously. They must have been led to the likes of Tears for Fears and Blancmange by the parents because they sound young and fresh enough to have found something more recent to hang their hat on.

Beginning with a crash of synthesized drums, a thumping bassline follows that is taken right out of 1985, and previously used to great effect by the likes of Killing Joke. This is far more poppy than that though, with a cheeky little chiming motif under the louder crunches. Then, to complete the eighties nods, there is a sprinkling of Depeche Mode with some echoed vocals. Simple but effective, this is sunshine pop for 2012, that also transports you back two decades.