As most of us are aware, since the emergence of ABBA back in 1972, Sweden has been delivering a lot of truly talented artists, and is the fourth biggest exporter of pop/rock music behind USA, UK, and Australia. The announcement of the Swedish garage rockstars The Hivesf world tour in support of their fifth studio album eLex Hivesf, which is due to be released in early June\is one of the most up-to-date trendy rock topics. Another well-known rock band Mando Diaofs collaboration with Americafs new pop princess Lana Del Rey last year\is not old news either. The Norwegian Grammy Award winning singer, Karin Park, who has just released her new single eRestlessf from her forthcoming album eHighwire Poetryf, which will be released through State Of The Eye Recordings on the 28th May\is no exception.

The sound of Parkfs music cannot be described in just one word, but eBjörk meets La Roux meets The Knifef. One drop of the European electronica essence magically added depth to her electro-gothic sound. Her singing voice is vaguely husky, and purely girlish. eHighwire Poetryf explores her fascinations with spirituality, sexuality, power, love and hate. Notwithstanding that all the dark-yet-catchy songs vividly create the 80fs pop vibe, they sound very modern. To experience her edgy electronica, goth-pop sound can be something you have never done before.

The first track, eRestlessf, is the newest single from the album that gives you some kind of restless feeling in a fantastic way. Thatfs how we enjoy listening to eRestlessf. The mesmerically haunting riffs immediately lure you into a state of enchantment. Hopefully, this song is going to get her widely noticed. As for eFryngiesf, the main song from the EP Fryngies, the intensive bass throb and the gleeful gleamy rhythms match awesomely. The third track eTensionf brings to mind Björkfs enticing tune eCrystallinef, but Park put its mysteriousness more simply.

eTiger Dreamsf is the catchiest song on the album that will probably be loved by many synthpop fans. It feels like bumping into your heartthrob, and is as thrilling as strolling around the back streets at the crack of noon where neon lamps are dimly twinklingc
eThousand Loaded Gunsf somewhat recalls The Knifefs hooky song ePass This On!f The album tops off with the relatively silent number eBending Albertfs Lawf.

Ifd say that Highwire Poetry is extraordinary even though you donft call it a masterpiece. Frankly, not only is Park visually attractive and tall enough for catwalk modeling (6f3, to be specific), but shefs also a highly-skilled artist. Sooner than later, many A-listers will queue up to work with her, and maybe someday she will share the stage with Lady Gaga.

New album eHighwire Poetryf out on 28th May