Dan Steer's new band These Reigning Days will release their second single 'Living It Up' on the 21st of May. This truly infectious song reinforces all claims of a brilliant album to follow.

Devon based singer/songwriter Dan Steer has had a solid start in the music industry supporting timeless bands such as Newton Faulkner, The Futureheads and Muse with his previous band The Quails. The concrete precision of his guitar playing has landed him a sponsorship with Manson Guitars and he has also played big festivals including Glastonbury and Boardmasters.

Following a successful beginning Dan Steer has moved on to innovate a new style that can be explained as synth coated indie-rock. That alone is a good enough reason to give the single a listen. Another is because of the wise choice to include Joe Sansome and Jonny Finnis in the band, who both fit the new sound and play to the mood of each song. Their d├ębut single 'Changes' was the first chance for the band to show off their new feel and with nothing but respectable reviews, the second single has a lot to live up to.

'Living It Up' starts with a teasing build up, Dan Steer's strong voice jumps out while epic yet simple piano chords thicken the sound. The drums come in and add more power through drum rolls on the lower end of the kit, building the tension up until finally the synthesisers sharply introduce the chorus.

First of all the synthesisers do stand out in a very unsuspecting manner, but they soon fall into the mix. They give a tint of pop to the song through soft long notes that fit gaps other instruments couldn't. This edge of pop is mixed with the dark bass to form a song full of different emotions. Even though Dan has become experimental with his music, the powerful guitar and block like drums still maintain the familiar indie background.

'Because I'm living it up, living it up, bringing you down again' Dan's ironic lyrics have a powerful effect that imprints the song in your mind. He delivers the vocals in a confident way and they soon become hard not to sing along with.

The fusion of electronics with the main body of the band supports the motive of Dan Steer's music. Tom Vek would be a fair comparison and his music has been highly successful. These Reigning days are a fast moving band as only 6 months ago they started their gigging career, and now they are working with respected producer Yoad Nevo on their new album. These Reigning Days are also one of the twenty bands invited from around the world to perform at MUSEXPO in Hollywood. There is enough evidence to prove this band will go far and backbone Dan Steer will be a well known name in years to come.