The American singer/songwriter Erika M. Anderson (EMA) played this yearfs Coachella festival, her second album Past Life Martyred Saints was released last year, as well as, being described by Yahoo news as the most blogged about artist. She is now one of the most talked-about singers on the indie rock scene. We highly recommend you to add her name on your iTunes shopping list!

Before the clock struck 9, tonightfs venue the Scala got filled up with people who are mature enough to buy alcohol. It was heavily raining outside, but the sun was shining inside the venue. gItfs awesome to see a lot of friendly faces!h said Tessa Murray, the front woman of Still Corners who were selected as one of two support acts for EMAfs UK tour, right after the first one Indiansf set.

eImpressivef is the first word that naturally popped out of my mouth as EMA showed up to the adoring London crowd. The concept of her stage set recalls the excitement of experiencing another culture. It was a pleasure to see the dazzling purple lights spontaneously swimming through the airc Noticeably, the audience seemed to be so entirely fascinated by her gentle singing voice that felt like the warm Californian breeze softly blowing your hair. A lot of Harry Potter lookalikes whom well behaved throughout the show\were spotted out just by the stage, (a grown-up version, of course), which can be assumed that not only does her music attract scenesters, but also a lot of different people.

She ended her show with her best-known song California. It was undeniably the highlight of the night! Big waves crashing on rocks endlesslyc Thatfs what that song actually sounds like. gEnglish people are funnier than me!h She giggled. Honestly, it was more like pleasant sarcasm, rather than a warped sense of humour.

Although euniquef can be the second most commonly used word behind ecatchyf in music journalism, it describes EMAfs music style perfectly. She has been making a lot of delicious tunes ever since she started her career as a singer/songwriter, and the splendid performance that she has given here in London tonight might be one of the greatest things that shefs achieved.