Co-produced by Calvin Harris, this preview for their fourth album Only The Horses, sees Scissor Sisters sticking firmly in the safe dance-pop territory that the band has trodden with such glee over the last 8 years. However, the freshness with which they arrived back in the mid naughties has now sadly faded, and this offering smells of old ideas and lacks any fun. No amount of shiny production can lift it from the mundane.

Even more so than previous releases, the air of euro-trash hangs heavy throughout the glossy three minutes of programmed drums and keyboards. Where someone like David Guetta at least provides some class to his poppy offerings, Jake Shears just sounds bored, even though he’s apparently sharing ruminations on amazing adventures with one of his best friends; “it’s about being friends with someone you’re so happy to know”.

And that’s as profound as it gets. Shears’ rather stilted vocal only adds to the overall flat feeling. Radio loves the song, but mainly for its non offensive wallpaper feel. Let’s hope that the album Magic Hour ends up being more engaging. Perhaps if they had called the song Only The Zebra, like the cover suggests, it might have been more interesting. Then again, maybe not.