When I first listened to 'I Got Time' by Domino Go, I knew their music was something to get excited about. With an abundance of charisma Timz Aluo half Chinese, half Turkish with a Nigerian stepfather and Karl Michael a proud Irishman, have the recipe for success.

Karl has the most captivating vocals around and Timz is a talented musician who can play a guitar beautifully. Together they songwrite, something they're very passionate about on top of producing their own tracks.

No strangers to the music game, Timz was previously the music director for N Dubz and together they have already worked with the likes of Musiq Soulchild and Bruno Mars!

Individually their musical taste is actually very different with Timz into artists like Nas and Common and Karl into the likes of Damien Rice and Bob Dylan. However through a close friendship and a shared passion for music, they have created a marriage of their different musical tastes to give us the amazing sound of Domino Go.

Signed to Atlantic they have a promising year ahead with the release of their debut album and numerous live gigs lined up. While I was there I had to have a listen to a few tracks that will be on the album and I was not disappointed!

Take a look at our interview with the intriguing duo below and listen to their track 'I Got Time'
....I promise you will be hooked on these guys from the word Go!