Jay Norton, former contestant of The Voice took to the stage on Tuesday night for a very intimate and surprisingly good gig at The Pheasantry on the Kings Road.

The audience immediately warmed to the former Pizza Express worker as he walked out grinning, carrying a teapot and cup and saucer. He chattered away to the audience as if they were his mates in his living room and was both open to requests and questions which he answered with honesty.

As he churned out the songs you get the distinct impression that he has been screwed over by a fair few women! This however, provides raw emotion in his voice which can’t be faked and makes his songs unforgettable.

My favourite song ‘I need a dollar’ was belted out and made you realise how he was picked on a talent show that actually recognises talent! This was followed by some great mash ups and the song that lost him the competition, ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’. Having heard him sing that in front of me I can’t believe that he lost!

He is, without doubt a very talented singer and coupled with his stage presence, he makes a great night out.
He might have been pipped to the post by Jaz (who he claims is a lovely bloke) but in the long run he will come out the real winner. He can be taken seriously for what he is and that is a voice that needs no fancy equipment or the backing of a celebrity judge. He just relies on genuine talent and a passion for what he does.

He’ll go far. Watch this space!