Buraka Som Sistema is an electronic dance music group from Portugal, specialising in a fusion of techno beats and the traditional African kuduro genre, which originally originates from Angola. Buraka Som Sistema keep the tribal music masterpiece alive and well with their upcoming release Tira o Pé.

With the intense fusion of hybrid synth work and rheumatic bass grooves, the new single Tira o Pé is a definite dance floor success with a combination of the infamous Kurudo influences and techno synths
with the trademark Portuguese vocals. If you are just a recent fan or have been a committed fan then expect to hear this single being blared at all festivals this summer.

The minimalistic yet retro ambiance of the single is very well infused with punchy drums as well as that signature synth sound to belt along the vibrant yet warm sub bass delivering a carnival aura. As well as
topping it off with the traditional Kuduro sound of Portuguese lyrics will definitely leave the crowd craving more of what Buraka Som Sistema has to offer with future releases.

The six track EP features three remixes by JWLS, Jay Fay and Rob Howler leaving listeners with a more dynamic yet versatile release to listen to the wide scope of different variations Buaraka Som Sistema can produce. The EP also features an accapella and the instrumental satisfying producers, DJs and music enthusiasts to create a remix and additionally spread the pioneering Kururo sound to any DJ set or producer’s production.

Get your copy on 21st May!